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Tiffany and Jeremy

Women need to be in the center. And while that’s true for a whole buncha things, it’s especially true for photographs

What I mean is, it feels like there are places in the frame of an image that are intuitively masculine or feminine. It feels nice to build a picture with Jeremy along one side, sort of framing his fiance Tiffany, putting her on display.

On the other hand, this whole love thing is very much a matter of pursuit and capture, so it also feels right to make Jeremy the advancing one, kinda capturing her in the frame, Tiffany letting herself be caught.

I’ve never actually consciously thought about all this while on a shoot, it just sorta happens, it just comes out looking the way it needs to look to tell the story of two people in love. It reminds me of that old song:

A man chases a girl until she catches him
He runs after a girl until he’s caught

He fishes for a girl until she’s landed him
It all comes out exactly the way she thought

Uncertain, he tags along behind
Uncertain, till she makes up his mind

A man chases a girl until she catches him
But don’t run too fast while you are saying “No”
And once you’ve caught him don’t ever let him go

I love making that song into a picture.