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Stacey and Andy Rehearsal Party {Sanibel Wedding Photographer}

What happens when you’re a Notre Dame fan and your wedding rehearsal dinner is the same night as a game?

If it seems obvious that, well of course you do the rehearsal dinner, well then, you probably have never met a Notre Dame fan.

Andy did do the right thing though. He was present and in the moment, every moment with Stacey during the rehearsal and the dinner on the yacht that followed.

Stacey and Andy and their family and friends flew down from Ohio to celebrate in style at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa in south Florida. They did it up and they did it right.

So the yacht docks and this idea idea for a great image of Stacey and Andy walking down the dock at night crystalizes in my brain, but theres a teeny tiny problem. I can’t find Andy anywhere. I hang out, patiently waiting for him to return from talking to the captain or something, till I finally ask Stacey, ‘umm, hey, where’s Andy?’.

She laughs. ‘Theres a big Notre Dame game on tonight’, she tells me. ‘He ran back to the room with his dad and groomsman to catch the last half. It’s kind serious business when you’re a Notre Dame fan’.

I have this image of the guys leaping the gap between the moving boat and the dock while it cruises in, and I smile. Oh well, there’s alway tomorrow for that shot.

Check back tomorrow for Stacey and Andy’s WEDDING!

Stacey’s Dad and his grandson.


I was so excited to grab this shot. There they were, having this beautiful, natural, Ralph-Lauren-on-a-yacht moment to themselves. And I got to see it, and take it.