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Sarah and Skory

Look through anybody’s photo albums, and you’ll see beach pictures, lots and lots of beach pictures. Well, vacation pictures anyway. You’ll see anniversaries, parties, pictures of new cars and young kids.

You’ll see people the way they want to be remembered; at their best and proudest moments.

There’s some kinda instinct that kicks in when happiness or excitement ignites in the air of a room that makes a person need to take a picture of what’s going on.

There were plenty of those moments at Sarah and Chris (Skory)’s wedding in Naples. Sarah had been planning her wedding for a long time, and it was overwhelmingly clear that she put a ton of thought and a truckload of effort into every detail and every decision. It came off wonderfully.  Her wedding was personal and refined, elegant and fun.

Sarah is a part time assistant to Kelly Werder, a planner and owner of No Worries Weddings and Events, who also was there on her wedding day, making sure everything ran smoothly with a cool eye and a practiced hand.

Sarah and Skory were at their proudest and looked their best, their happiness ignited each and every photo.