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Sarah and James

I remember in this book I read once, called Cold Mountain, one of the characters, Ruby, talks to Ada about living on her own in the mountains of North Carolina. She talked about knowing the place really intimately, knowing just when some of the flowers bloom, when the rain is coming, when the seasons change, just how the animals roam.

When I get to stop and really scout out an area, I feel like Ruby. I get to know just how the light falls at this step and this time of day in the spring, and a hidden vantage point for a this-and-such a shot.

It’s kinda cool to know the places around where you live really, really well. I don’t know why, I guess it just makes me feel more connected to my home.

So when I suggested to Sarah that we shoot at the new Dali museum, I was glad that she jumped at the chance. One more place to get to know.

She’s a medical major, and James is a philosophy teacher (they make you grow a beard before you can start teaching philosophy I think). So he explained Nietzsche to me as we roamed the grounds and took pictures. They were relaxed, and easy, and (best of all) ready to laugh. Can’t wait for their wedding!