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Sarah and Chad { Sarasota Wedding Photographer }

Sarah is the type of girl that entrusts red lips to her makeup artist only. And I get it, I do, bold red lips and fair skin is like playing a violin in public, it’s very obvious to everyone if you make a mistake.

Everything Sarah planned was just like that, thoughtful, deliberate, and done-the-right-way-or-not-at-all.  That’s who she is.
And then I met Chad.
Chad is a irreverent ride of laughs, dancing and drinking with friends, facial hair, and sudden and disarming congeniality. And he really, really loves Sarah.
To see the two of them together is like watching a chemical reaction. Sarah lights ups, loosens up, and belly laughs with a raise of Chad’s eyebrow. I’ve never seen chemistry quite like it.
It’s like they are each the one and only catalyst for the other, and it’s awesome to watch.
Venue was the always-amazing-to-shoot-at Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota
Planning and Day-of Coordination by the unbelievably organized and talented Jamie Billigs of Confetti Events
Holly Nazario of Collective Creations was the Hairstylist-de-force
Jess Waldrop was the Makeup Artist prettying all the girls up
Kevin Lacassin of Good Food Catering made up the most amazing braised short ribs over mascarpone grits you’ve ever tasted
Josh from Inspired Entertainment did a fantastic job of keeping the party going, even after the clouds let loose

Floral design, lighting and lounge pieces by La Vie en Rose