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Samah and Imad part 2 {Indian Wedding Photographer}

Permanent. Samah and Imad’s wedding felt permanent.

From the heirloom jewelry, passed down from generation, to the seriousness of the ceremony, it was clear. Marriage and family is forever, and they are not to be disrespected. Looking around at both Samah and Imad’s families, it was obvious that they walked that walk as well. I didn’t see any absentee dads, the men were all very involved with the children.

Modesty is also very important in Islamic culture, and so kissing would not be a part of the pictures. This is a challenge for a photographer. How do you tell a story that celebrates a relationship between a man and a woman… without a kiss?

Think like Jane Austin.

She wrote some of the most famous love stories in history. They were full of anticipation, subtly toned, and themed with restrained, yet vivid romanticism. Yet there was not a single kiss in any of her novels.

An English author as inspiration for an American photographer telling the story of a south Asian wedding. Huh, it’s almost like all of us peoples have actually quite a bit in common. It’s almost like we’re one big family. Funny how that works.

If you haven’t already, check out part 1 of the celebration.


Hosted by the eminently capable Wyatt Hall with the Marriott

Decor and Entertainment by the very kind, hospitable, and congenial Tarak Patel of Kish Weddings

Videographer, Arami Camancho of Elegante Films


Tradition has it that they are not officially married until the groom can find his initials hidden in the brides henna designs. Imad was up for the challenge.


This necklace is an authentic heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.


At some point at every Indian wedding, the groom will get one of his shoes stolen by someone on her side of the family. Then (naturally) he and his groomsmen have to negotiate a ransom to get it back.

Samah’s cousin started negotiations at $20,000. Imad started at $12.24, with a few chickens thrown in.


Imad even thought ahead and had fake money printed up to throw off negotiations for a bit. He did, in the end, pony up actual benjamins though.




I’ve not photographed anything more touching than the scene at the end of the exit procession at the end of the night. Samah is going away to Detroit to live with Imad. Away from her family and her best friends. They’ll still see each other of course, but it won’t be the same.