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Samah and Imad part 1 {Indian Wedding Photographer}

Have you ever traveled somewhere for business, and just business?

You get off the plane, you go do your thing, and you go back to the airport and you think to yourself, ‘This doesn’t even count as being here!’. You didn’t see anything, hear any music, eat anything that comes from there. An antiseptic experience.

Samah and Imad’s wedding was the exact opposite of that! We didn’t fly to India, but we didn’t have to. The tastes, the music, the customs, the colors. Oh, the colors! We were totally immersed, and I loved every second of it.

Imad and Samah and their families were just unbelievably amazing. So kind, so hospitable (there was alway an aunt or a cousin making sure we had eaten), so patient with me , explaining and navigating through all the customs.

This first post is from the first day of the celebration, the Mehndi party (named for the awesome henna skin paintings). Processions, food, and even a bunch of fully choreographed Bollywood style dances!

Be sure to check out part 2!



Getting ready for Imad’s entrance



This little girl wasn’t even 2 yet, but she had all the moves


More to come! Tomorrow: Samah and Imad’s wedding!