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Saddlebrook and St Leo Abby Wedding Photographer {Meghan and McKinley}

Saddlebrook and Dade City St Leo Abby Weddings

It was the moments right after the ceremony that said everything about Meghan and McKinley’s wedding day.

They kissed, they walked back down the aisle and stepped off to the wing of the entrance. McKinley looked at Meghan and you could see the world was no longer there for him. It was only her. His face held so much joy, he beamed at her, his new wife. And as we turned to get her expression in turn, we saw something in Meghan’s face that can only be described as gratefulness and bliss. The love between these two was so wonderful to capture because they were completely enamored with each other. No reservations. Gorgeous.

Our day was made that much more enjoyable from the fact that we were working with Yvonne Bohannon and her staff at the world class Saddlebrook.

You can tell a lot about the couple from their family and friends. And it’s clear that Mckinley and Meghan are great people because nearly all of their guests showed themselves to be great quality people. We loved every minute working for them!

Take a look at Meghan and McKinley’s epic engagement session here

Ceremony at St Leo Abby just outside Dade City, Florida

Reception at Saddlebrook, Tampa, Florida

Video also by Aaron Bornfleth Studio. See it here.

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