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Rikki and Chris

So we arrive in the limo to Rikki and Chris’s reception at the Rusty Pelican, and I find out the half of the spots I had picked out for great light/perspective/etc are not available to shoot!

Ok, breathe… and breathe again.

I took a few minutes to scope out something new. I hope I didn’t show it, but I had more than a little fear that I wouldn’t be able to pull off the kind of portraits I had envisioned.

But I look around and I see some great light bouncing up off the water there, some cool mirrors there, and these huge pier/support thingys that repeat in a nice pattern, etc.

I felt like Jason Bourne, he can walk into a room and fight you with whatever is available; a rolled up magazine, kill you with a towel, and blow the place up with a toaster.

But instead of looking for available weapons and explosives, I’m looking for creative light and perspectives on the spot. And instead of, well, killing people, I’m taking their picture. (yes, I am aware that my metaphor is an extremely testosterone-ly charged one).

I really lucked out with Rikki and Chris, they were totally game to experiment and try new stuff as we went. And even though they were a little self conscious at first (like everybody is), they quickly loosened and and let me see what they look like when they’re together, which is just what I’m looking for.




That’s Kasey, the Maid of Honor and her boy Luke just before the wedding…


Meet Body, the Ring Bearer. I had to work overtime to get him to crack a smile for me.



We found this one totally by accident, Rikki leaned down to look at the water, and her eyes just, well they just caught fire


Over and over, I was caught by Rikki’s form and way of moving