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Palm Island Resort Cape Haze Wedding Photographer { Tina and Patrick }

There was so much to get excited about with Tina and Patrick’s wedding. They are friends of Miranda and John, a gorgeous couple, inside and out, that we had the privilege of shooting their wedding six years ago in FishHawk Ranch. Tina and Patrick made the excelling choice to get married at the Palm Island Resort on Cape Haze.

The beauty of this place is it’s forgotteness. No cars are allowed on the island, we all got around on golf carts. The beaches are untouched. The homes are modest compliments to a pristine piece of old Florida. This is my Florida. And so it was too, that Tina and Patrick are my kind of people.

Never did they lose sight of what their day really meant. They love each other completely and with touching openness. They compliment one another in a very deep way. Their chemistry is really not easily replicated, they are truly the real deal.

We had fun using a technique we’ve been developing for some time now, using a 1.4 lens wide open in full daylight, reigned¬†into submission with a dense ND filter, and using an einstein through a 36in octa for soft, powerful ¬†gorgeousness.

Tina had asked me when I was¬†reconfirming with her if we could “do a star picture”. I got ready to let her down easy. The conditions have to be perfect, I said. No clouds, no moon, no light pollution. Almost never happens. But, I said, I’ll do my best of course.

We stepped out of the reception to see a perfectly black sky. Even though the lights from the tent obscured our vision, I knew there must be a clear sky, uninterrupted by the obnoxious moon. We took a golf cart out to the dark desolate beach, I made them stand still, and we did indeed get our star picture.

Hosted at the beautiful Palm Island Resort in Cape Haze