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Nisha and Lewis Part 1 { Hyatt Regency Sarasota Indian Wedding Photographer }

The moment that talent meets trueness is inescapable. It resonates and blissfully paralyzes everyone in its soft sphere.

At least that’s the way I felt when I saw Nisha sing to her new husband.

Both Nisha and Lewis are expert musicians. But what made that moment so poignant was the way she looked at him when she sang and played her guitar.

It was one of the truest things I have ever seen.

She sang:
After all these years
Trying to keep awake
Out of fear
That this was all a dream
I live to make you happy
And you live as a part of me
Enough to blur all the lines
Of our realities

And when
I see you I know it was worth it, darling
I know you’ll be there to catch me when I’m falling
You know
I’ll be there beside you to always be your best friend
This is how love amends
Through thick and thin
We’ve pushed thought it all
Something we wouldn’t trade for the world
Cause you know how to make me smile
And I’ll hold your hand through song and dance
our love is strong enough
To always keep our stance

And when
You see me you know it was worth it, darling
you know I’ll be there to catch you when you’re falling
I know
you’ll be there beside me and always be my best friend
This will be our wedding song

This was an original song she composed. And I’m sure it’s not a stretch for you to imagine that the music was as well crafted as the lyrics.

That delicate balance between creativity and craft, spontaneity and alacrity, between honesty and forethought was a running theme throughout the day. It made Nisha and Lewis’ wedding simply unforgettable.

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Hosted at the striking Hyatt Regency in Sarasota

Planning by Natalia Day of Days Remembered by ND


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