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Miranda and John

Certain things never go out of style. The Beatles, Cashmere, Tuscany, Audrey Hepburn. They are perennial and ageless because their appeal is more than skin deep. Every generation finds a resonance with classic things, places, and people and make them their own.

John and Miranda’s wedding looked amazing two weeks ago. It will look amazing next year and the year after and the the generations that follow, and any that came before it.

And like other timeless things, the appeal came from their depth. John and Miranda are clearly beautiful people, but stop a moment and talk to them, and you’ll admire John’s assured poise and his quiet, wry wit. At first blush you’ll fall in love with the lithe, effortless way that Miranda carries herself, but you’ll soon find her warm, effusive, young spirit is what captured John.

You can try to fake depth in a photo, but you’ll always fail. John and Miranda have fathoms of depth, and they freely and generously displayed their beautiful relationship before my lens. And for that I am so grateful.