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Michelle and Sean

I love, love, love the mind bendingly huge possibilities I have with my camera and lights and computer. Anything is possible, and that really gets me excited every time I focus and shoot a frame.

Sometimes I hear about photographers using this digital technology we got going on here as something to kick back and prop their feet up on. I mean, you can show up, let the camera do most of the work by shooting in some auto or semi- auto mode, send off your photos to be culled and edited by some company you found on the internet, and then drop the batch into a program that spits out an album.

But that’s not art, right? It’s so… formulaic. It’s like finding out you can fly and shoot lasers out of your eyes, and the only way you can think to use your powers is to commute to work and heat up tv dinners.

I can set my camera to make a room feel bright and glowy, or moody and brooding. I can use lights to make an expression look dramatic or obscure, intimate or distant. I can use my computer to make a photo feel like you could step right over the edge of the frame, and into the scene. I feel like I have a whole production crew at my fingertips, and the world is my set.

When I arrived for Sean and Michelle’s wedding, the first think I was struck by was Michelle’s sunburst of a smile (I later found out Sean saw the same thing when he first met her). So I wanted to make the room and the rest of the wedding a metaphor for her glee; radiant and angelic.