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Leyka and Pedro

“Give this man anything he wants. And if he wants something you don’t have, get it for him”, says Pedro with a beaming grin on his face to the bartender on my behalf. It’s great to be loved.

Pedro and Leyka had overflowing love for everybody on their wedding day, the staff at the Hilton Carillon (Wendy and her people are so good at what they do it’s hard not to love ’em), Sara Rivera (their great planner), their guests, their family, and most importantly and oh-so-intensely, for each other.

They didn’t hold back a thing. These are people that wear their heart on their sleeve. People who know what they have and can hardly believe how good they got it. People who’s love and happiness and warmth and immediacy pours out of their eyes and their laugh.

My favorite kind of people to take pictures of.