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Leila and Aaron

“Ok, so let’s be, like angry with each other in this one”, says Leila Laguna (how awesome of a rock star name is that?) to her fiance, Aaron.

I laugh and keep shooting, having fun, but honestly a bit doubtful that this is going to look cool when I go to edit the pictures. Then I get home and put the photos on my mac ….and they actually look kinda like yeah, yeah that’ll work!

I feel like I’ve done my job, and done it well, when a my couples have enough fun with me that they start coming up with their own original ideas then and there on the shoot.

I love my work. My job is having fun, being kind, and listening. And then the most amazing energy starts to happen, right in front of the lens.

Then all I gotta do is be quick and catch it 😉