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Leila and Aaron

“I still can’t believe she wants me around”, says Aaron (not me Aaron, groom Aaron), beaming at Leila, his brand new wife.

Leila and Aaron’s energy was unbelievable, their chemistry made the air crackle.

Plus, they’re undeniably beautiful.

Plus, they picked out a gorgeous venue, Town Manor, just outside Lakeland.

Plus, the wedding party was a literal party. As in, they were seriously fun to be around.

Basically, this was a dream wedding to be apart of. I loved being around Leila and Aaron from the first time we sat down to meet to their engagement session to their wedding day.

My job is to be apart of these never to be repeated days for my couples, and you just can’t help but become friends with them, you go through so much in such a tiny period of time with them.

I just couldn’t ask for better people to work with.PIN