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Leanne and Zac { Jacksonville Keeler Property Wedding Photographer}

In a world were true selflessness is all but dead, a couple like Leanne and Zac stand out as people who are not afraid to cut across the grain and be different. They are young, very intelligent, and have charm and charisma to spare. That is, they have everything needed to be a success.

But their definition of success is very different from most. They are both full time volunteers and success, to them, is a life spent giving to others. They work as Jehovah’s Witnesses supporting the making of free bible education available to anyone in the world. This is so important to them that they’ve given up prospects that would otherwise be low hanging fruit for people like them, money, prestige, recognition.

So, you’d think that a wedding for a couple who has made sacrifices like that would be a spartan, meager affair.

Far from it. It turns out that generosity is contagious.

Inspired by Leanne and Zac’s own generosity, everyone who made their wedding happen, was in turn moved to show generosity to this fantastic couple. The beer was home brewed and given as a gift, the catering and planning was well above and beyond what Leanne ever expected, the Dj threw in extras, and I was happy to pull out all the stops for them. These were tokens compared to what they have given of themselves, but it was something everyone was happy to contribute to a very deserving couple.

Hosted at the Keeler Property in Jacksonville Florida


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