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Laura and Kristopher { St Petersburg Wedding Photographer }

11 years. That’s how long Laura and Kris had been together on their wedding day.

They had been though all kinds of obstacles, and celebrations and strains before they ever stood face to face in St Pete’s Sunken Gardens and said their vows to one another.

And, looking back now at the pictures I think I can see it. Those knowing eyes, the way she just comfortably let herself be wrapped up by his arms.

They had already made their promises long ago, in a way, their wedding almost felt like they were renewing them.

Hosted by Sunken Gardens

Cake was designed by Kris, the groom, and made by Alessi

Tony from Grant Hemond kept everyone dancing and in a great mood at the reception

Floral by Northside Florist

Linens by Connie Duglin Linens