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Kristi and John { Vinoy Wedding Photographer }

I have one girl, and she walks around my house, radiant and curls. It’s like having a little white star walking on tiptoes with cool, laughing light splashing all the walls.

Yeah, she pretty much rules me, in other words.
So I know an only girl when I see one. Resting for a moment before the family photos with her dad, I ask, “she’s your only girl, isn’t she?”
He smiles and nods, “I s’pose you say that because of the big to-do”.
“Well, that is a bit of a give away”, I laugh, “But it’s also the way you look at her, I look at my girl like that too”.
Kristi and John’s wedding was ‘a big to-do’ for sure. Hosted by the Vinoy of St Pete, it was simply stunning. Live music, a six-tiered cake, gleaming candelabras and beaming friends and family.