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Kristan and Tom { Ringling and Selby Gardens Sarasota Wedding Photographer Part 1}

Evocative without being garish, funny minus the corny, meaningful without the sappy; wedding vows are an art seldom mastered.

Tom & Kristan were up to that challenge and wrote the most touchingly wonderful vows I have ever heard. Tom is a cellist, so expressing himself is what he does, and he does it masterfully.  Kristan, also a musician, wrote and read vows equally as beautiful and eloquent as her husband’s. Little Innea, Tom’s daughter, was crying the cutest happy tears during the ceremony.

Tom and Kristan are what I’ve always hoped existed, but never have really seen in real life: artists that don’t take themselves seriously. Silly one moment, and achingly earnest the next, they are some of the most true and sincere people I’ve ever met.

Their happiness was so infectious that even a few drops of rain during the cake cutting weren’t unwelcome; Kristan and Tom’s grace turning the circumstance into an element of panache.

And creative panache was the theme of the evening. The ceremony was adorned with a small orchestra, the music arranged by Tom himself. Miniature cacti stood in for place cards later at the party. Their first dance was equal parts indie ironic, and authentically effusive. Think hipster, minus the ennui.

Tom’s mother sang and played for them, reducing everyone, including myself, to tears.

After their intros, Kristin changed into an amazing dark party dress and she and Tom and the guests rocked out to the best music I’ve ever heard at a reception party.

I wish it could’ve gone all night.

Stay tuned for Part 2, the reception party was held at the stunning Marie Selby Botanical Gardens!


Ceremony held under the Banyon trees at the Ringling Museum and Ca dZan Mansion

Reception party hosted by the wonderful staff at Selby Gardens

Cake done by the superlative Alla Levin of the Cake Zone

Catering and bar done the way all catering should be done by Simply Gourmet Caterers

Event planning and assistance by the very experienced and capable Kathy, also from Simply Gourmet

Entertainment by Tommy Vicious

Officiant Grace Felice

Floral by the never-ceases-to-amaze-me Yelena of Elegant Designs