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Julia and Christopher Part 1 { Sarasota Field Club Wedding Photographer }

When you work with people like Julia’s family, you start to feel like you’ve known them longer than you actually have. Of course, Chris’ family was just as kind and hospitable as the other half of the new couple’s family, but fate dictated that we spend more time with Julia’s people.

They were some of the most accommodating, relaxed and pleasurable people to be around. From the time that we came over to their home adjoining the Field Club in Sarasota, to shoot Julia’s bridal session (we’ll be posting those soon), to the day-of, every moment was just great. They appreciated quality work, so it was an honor to work for them.

Julia herself was happiness incarnate. Seldom have we seen a young woman hold herself with such confidence and sincerity at the same time. Excitement and poise, laughter and aplomb, all coexisted and danced together in her beaming smile.

And from the first few seconds that I talked with Chris over the phone before the big day, I knew that he would be a man that understands that making great images doesn’t just happen. His excitement and decisiveness are a breath of fresh air among many grooms that simply grit their teeth and tolerate portraits. So his genuine presence and sincerity made each image just light up.

And it was great to see old friends, Katie and Nick were there. We shot their wedding right there at the Sarasota Field Club a couple years ago, but it felt like just last week when we saw them.

Here is Part 1 of my favorites from their incredible Field Club, Sarasota Wedding:

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