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Jessica and Jan-Michael {Tampa Wedding Photographer}

I’ve never had a bridezilla, but I’ve had a few close brushes with a mother-of-the-bride-zilla. They want everything to be perfect but forget along the way that the day is about their daughter.

Jessica’s mother was the polar opposite of that, she was kind and giving and just couldn’t stop beaming at Jessica. There were no ‘helpful hints’, no ‘constructive criticisms’ from her, just unadulterated pride and generosity flowing from her to her daughter.

Really the whole family was like that. Her dad and two sisters forgot themselves and just enjoyed Jessica’s day with her. Jan-Michael’s family was so proud of him, and you could tell that they really loved him. I’ve seldom seem such supportive and genuine and expressive families on a wedding day.

The event was appropriately held at the famous Saddlebrook resort just outside of Tampa, Jan-Michael is a professional golfer. The grounds were just amazing, breezy, willowy pines stretching towards the sky, tranquil watercourses overflowing with wildlife, all surrounding the sumptuous resort itself.

You might remember Jessica and Jan-Michael from their e-session a few months back.

Hosted and catered by Kristen Kachurak at Saddlebrrok Resort

Entertainment by Jacob of Music on the Move