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I have the exquisite privilege to work with awesome people doing what I do.

Natalia Day, the owner of Days Remembered, is one of those people. So, when she called me to do her family pictures, I was more than happy to drive over.

She recently wrote a phenomenal piece, that I just had to repost. It’s required reading for anyone planning a wedding. Enjoy!

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Why a Wedding Planner is Essential

Days Remembered by ND Event & Wedding Planners

Days Remembered by ND is a prestigious wedding and event planning firm located here in the Tampa Bay Area and wanted to share some information with our fans out there.

With the average wedding totaling around $27,000, cutting costs by not hiring a wedding planner seems a logical option. What most people don’t realize is that we as planners help you along the way with any budget you have. We help to find you the best vendors at the best price, and give you peace of mind on your special day.

As you start the planning process, you might feel overwhelmed. Can you imagine what you are going to feel like on the day of your wedding? You would have to keep track of your vendors to make sure they are on time, check in on the groom and his groomsmen making sure they getting ready, answer questions on where and what time everyone is meeting from family and friends, set up your guestbook table, place card table, centerpieces, get the rings and marriage license to the Officiant, hold on to final payments for your vendors, etc. The list goes on! That’s why a wedding planner or day of coordinator is so important! I want to share with a personal experience of mine. I was a bridesmaid for a friend that did not hire a wedding planner or coordinator.

7:00am is the time we awoke for a wedding that was taking place at 5:30pm. Waking up early isn’t a big deal but I had assumed that waking up to a wedding day as a bridesmaid meant having breakfast accompanied with mimosa’s, chatting about the beginning of the couple’s relationship, dancing, laughing, and taking millions of pictures to document that special person’s last day as a single girl.

I must make it clear that this wedding took place before I became Lead Coordinator with Days Remembered by ND so I had no idea how long it actually took to setup for a wedding. My friend had limited funds so most of her items were DIY. So instead of having a relaxing girl time together, we had to setup the whole reception room the morning of the wedding. We hung Chinese lanterns, moved tables and chairs, wrote and positioned the place cards for the guests, set the favors at each place setting, made the center pieces, and brought in the wine and beer for the reception. This might not sound like much but when you add 5 opinions and different attention spans this takes 4+ hours….no joke….

Once we got back to the house, we all started getting ready. The bride left to get her makeup done while the other bridesmaids and I took our showers and got dressed. Once the photographer arrived, time seemed to escalate from then on. We were getting ourselves put together, dressing the bride, eating (oh wait, did we eat?), keeping mother of the bride happy, making the bride happy, having a toast, collecting all of our items, (we were not at a location where we could come back later and retrieve everything), and loaded the cars all while trying to keep track of time.

The bridesmaids were instructed to leave early to greet guests and instruct them on where to go. We did as we were told and we had every guest seating by 5:25PM.

Again, this all sounds so simply! It’s the little things that are always forgotten. Have I mentioned yet who was in charge of the rings? My friend (the bride) thought she could keep track of everything. She had everything under control. Long story short, the wedding started an hour late because the rings were placed on a plastic bag that was put in the trash in an effort to clean up. If a wedding planner had been hired, they would have had the rings and /or given them to the designated person or persons.

The evening went on and before you knew it, it was over! Or so I thought…..

Along with the setup came the breakdown. So here I was, setting up at 8:00am and breaking down at 10:00pm. I was exhausted! There was zero relaxation the whole entire day. Thankfully, I only lived 20 minutes away from the wedding venue. I have never been so thankful for a bed at 12:00am in my life! I felt bad thinking to myself that “I am glad that this day is over!”

Before this experience, I thought being a bridesmaid meant spending the most intimate, quality time with a family member or friend on their special day. I thought we would be having the best time together while creating a memory that would never be forgotten. I hate to admit that this thought fell quickly from my mind after I was a bridesmaid for a friend of 8 years that did NOT have a wedding planner or day of coordinator…

This personal experience showed me how essential a wedding planner or day of coordinator is for a bride on her big day. It’s always the little things that are forgotten and believe it or not, it takes time to set up a reception space. All I know is that I would much rather have my bridesmaids and family members relaxing and spending time with me while my planner handles all the behind the scenes work on the day of my wedding. Days Remembered by ND does just that for our brides. We keep you on track with planning, and give you the peace of mind on your wedding day. If you want relaxation and a stress free wedding day, make sure you book Days Remembered by ND!

Megan Reser (Lead Coordinator)
Natalia Day (Owner and Event/Wedding Planner)

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