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Don Cesar Wedding Photographer

Things we have learned about Laura and Brandon at their wedding hosted at the amazing Don Cesar on St Pete Beach, in no particular order:

  1. Laura’s mom, Sharon, loves her very much. Sharon truly cared about how her daughter’s wedding came off, and was attentive to every last detail. But (and she gets the mother of the bride blue ribbon for this), she took our advice to let go and enjoy every moment of the big day when it finally arrived.
  2. Laura loves to high-five
  3. Brandon does an excellent job of hiding nervousness. When the big moment actually arrived, he was all present, and it was evident to all how much he deeply cared for his new bride.
  4. Laura possesses an effortlessness like we’ve seldom seen before. She was by turns hilarious, and then glamorous without skipping a beat.

Hosted at the undeniable Don Cesar by their event manager, Lauren.

Planned and coordinated by Auburn of Days Remembered by ND.

(Tell me if you’ve ever seen a wedding gown even half as amazing as the Vera Wang that Laura wore!)



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