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“What do you want to sing?” Asked Andres, the guitar player to Mel, the bride’s sister.

“Do you know ‘Angel’, by Sarah Mclachlan?”, she replied.

“Yes, that’s one of my favorite songs, let’s do it”.

And so Mel, Gina’s sister, sang the last song of the night. And when I say, ‘sang’, I mean she brought the house down. There was nary a dry eye in that small and intimate dinner room at the Miromar Country Club as the new couple slowly danced to the notes played and sang, blown like dandelions delicately across the room.

It was this sort of effortlessness and realism that permeated all of Gina and Frank’s wedding day and made you feel like you were living a never to be repeated moment. That one wedding everything just fell into place and was perfect, all on its own.

I keep thinking of the way Gina’s dad put it during his toast. He said, “That feeling you get when you walk outside on a beautiful morning, where everything just feels good, it that kind of feeling I have about you Franky. It feels right having you marry my daughter.” His words, simple, poetic, and real were felt deeply by all there.

Gina’s friend and bridesmaid, Christine, also spoke to the couple by way of toast. She didn’t prepare anything (which normally does not go very well, believe me), but spoke off the cuff in the most fluid and honest way about her friend. Just like everything else, it was effortless and beautiful.

But of course the day was not perfect by happenstance. Christine Pecoraro, the event manager at the Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club, and her team were flawless as they put everything together. Christine was one of the most proactive and involved event managers I’ve ever worked with. She alone would be reason for anybody to have their wedding at the Miromar, aside from the fact that the place itself is clearly very beautiful.

Music provided by one of the most truly talented people I’ve ever met in person, Andres Colin.

Hosted at the stunning Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club in Estero, Florida



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