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Lesley and Robbie are so much meant for each other, each one made a solo trip to the store before the wedding, got out of their car, perused the aisles, stopped at this card, picked it up and read it and said to themselves ‘this is the perfect card’… and bought the same card, each for the other one.

Talk about meant to be.

What an amazing time I had working at Bella Collina Country Club in Mongered, just outside Orland. The place defies and rises above all expectations of what a luxury venue can be. I could shoot ten weddings in a row at Bella Collina and not take the same picture twice. That’s how awesome and inspiring Bella Collina is. Of course, working agin with Holly Ferrante of Relax, Call Holly wedding planning kicks up the whole thing another notch completely. Few planners work as hard, or as thoughtfully as she does.

Hosted at Bella Collina Country Club in Montverde, Florida

Planned by Holly Ferrante of Relax, Call Holly!


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