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So Natalia Day, Nisha and Lewis’ wedding planner, was kind enough to guest blog today! Here is what she thought of their epic wedding:

Days Remembered by ND Wedding and Event Planners had the honor to work
with an amazing couple as Nisha and Lewis Kilgore tied the knot on  April
4, 2015, at one of our exclusive properties: Hyatt Regency Sarasota.

I first met them at starbucks as the bride had a busy schedule and we had
to start the planning asap as we only had about 8 months to get it
executed. From that first meeting, as a planner, I know how to read my
clients and all Nisha wanted was to make her parents, her fiancé’s parents
and her future husband happy. As the planning was is full process, she
always made sure to take into consideration everyone’s thoughts which was
very lovely. She also wanted to make sure that the bond that her and Lewis
share (Playing music together) was transferred over into the wedding from
the table numbers showing the lyrics to one of Nisha’s songs, to the
American ceremony recessional song being another song that Nisha wrote to
Lewis, to the surprise song they both wrote for their parents. Their
professional music talents definitely showed on the day of.

The affair took place on Saturday as guests arrived to the Hyatt to wait
on the grooms arrival for the indian ceremony. It was beautiful. Then we
transferred all guests to an outdoor park that overlooked the water to
have the American ceremony. The bride had 3 dress changes. GORGEOUS! from
her Indian Sari, American wedding dress and then a more fun reception

The guests were excited to see what was going to happen next. The food
consisted of both Indian traditional food and American Food as we wanted
to cater to both backgrounds and our goal is for each background to taste
the others traditional food which was a hit!

Their bridal party also made sure to have surprise performances for the
couple from a dance set to the MOH rapping her speech. The Bride and groom
also wrote a special song for their parents which was also a huge

The overall wedding was a HUGE success as there was lots of setup that was
involved from the Indian ceremony, flipping the room  to transform it to
the wedding reception for 350guests and making sure all minor details and
décor was executed within a few hours. I usually tell clients that its
like putting on a concert. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be
executed to the event goes off without a hitch. The setup and event was a
fabulous 16hr day 🙂

I want to thank all vendors involved who helped rock it out!!!

Wedding Planners- Days Remembered by ND

Venue- Hyatt Regency Sarasota

DJ- Duddha Entertainment

Decorators/Furniture and Chairs- Cheers Events, Kish Weddings, US Tent Rental

Photography- Aaron Bornfleth

Videographer- Hearts Video

Hair and Makeup- Destiny and Light

Catering- Taste of India and Hyatt

Cake- Let Them Eat Cake


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