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At the Wehle home on the lake, I’ve just finished their family session and we’ve said our thank-you’s and good-bye’s. Just as I’m leaving, and closing the front door, that’s what I hear, “huggie!”, from one of the kids.

Not even occurring to me that that “huggie” was aimed at me, I keep going down the driveway with the last of my gear. I hear the door open and 7 year old Bella calls down to me, “Mr Aaron, huggie”, she yells, runs down the drive, and gives me a big hug and a thank you. Pretty awesome.

She runs back, I hear the open open and slam, then open again. “Mr Aaron, my brother wants to give you a hug!” I stop and turn, and Jackson, her little brother comes streaking down the drive and gives me a big leg hug. How many people can say that’s how they end their work day :)?

that’s Bella and Jackson.. oh yeah, and their mom