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Me, walking around Honeymoon Island, near Dunedin, by myself, and I stop and stare for awhile, walk in circles maybe. Squat down, climb up on stuff, lay down and look up. Talk to myself, squint. Fold my arms and stand in one spot, thinking. Walk away, come back. Laugh. Still all by myself. Yeah, I look like a weirdo when I’m scouting a location.

Jennifer and Jorge were just a bit late to engagement session from their tasting, but that was fine by me cause it gave me a little more time to wonder around and ponder and look weird to tourists.

I try to never take the same shot twice if I can help it, so I’m a scout-aholic. Even if I’ve shot at a venue a bazillion times before, I’m there a few days ahead of time, trying to see things I haven’t seen before. Seeing the session, from beginning to end, in my head.

Funny thing is, I sort of forget all about it as soon Jennifer and Jorge arrive. The plan is still there, but just in my subconscious, I guess. It takes a back seat to being in the moment and letting Jennifer and Jorge shine. And shine they did.