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 “I’m just going to sit here”, says little 5 year old Emily to me in the limo, and comes to sit right next to me. It’s nice to have a fan.

She asked to take some pictures, so I hold the camera in front of her and show her where to look through and what button to press. *tick*tick*tick*tick*tick*tick*tick*tick. She fires off like, 20 frames in an instant, which is of course what my kids do too.

It kinda ended up working out for me, because Kristen looks over to Emily, laughing, and I get to see them interacting. It’s really a cool little moment. It’s not as dramatic as Jose and Kristen’s stolen kiss on the dance floor. It didn’t have the gravitas of Kristen looking over to her soon-to-be husband during the ceremony with beaming eyes. But it was a moment, a little one, and it was authentic, and it was beautiful. And I was there to see it.