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She didn’t have to say it. It was in the way she walked around him, they way she looked at him and the way she rested her head on him, Andrea felt safe around Chris.

After a half hour or so of shooting, that was part of what I started to see about them, about their relationship. And, to be honest, I didn’t even really consciously think it during the shoot. What I saw, what I felt I guess, was just sort of a intuitive force, guiding where and how the photos started to come together.

Like most people who don’t have professional pictures taken all the time, Chris and Andrea needed a little more direction as we got started. But gradually they relaxed and fell into just being Andrea and Chris, which is of course just what I’m looking for. Then I just gotta shaddup at let them be them… and work quickly enough to get those beautiful pictures as they start blooming and showering and scattering all around me.