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So many bad, and I mean bad photos are very authentic. I mean, they tell a story that’s the truth and nothing but.

Your dad making you stand for a picture at the zoo and you don’t want to and it’s written all over your face, or a snapshot with an ugly parking lot in the background (my personal pet peeve).

It’s authentic, it’s the truth. You really felt that way at the zoo, and there were really cars, lots of cars there when you took that snapshot. But they also happen to be not exactly the type of pictures you want to hang on the wall.

On the other hand, many beautiful pictures don’t always tell the truth. You can bring the perfect light in, pose your subjects just so, and create a technically perfect, pretty picture that is totally devoid of a story. Or you can retouch the photo to death, making the image a visual lie, or at least an picture of untruth.

An authentic and beautiful picture, now that’s a challenge, but that’s what I shoot for each and every session.

Samantha and Daniel came out to meet me at historic Ybor recently for their engagement session, and we had a great time and made some great pictures.

I love how Samantha would look at Daniel with a look of longing and love and tenderness, and  how easy it was for Daniel to get Samantha to bust out with a belly laugh. They had great chemistry, and it showed.