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When you have a little blond girl and you go out in public, it’s like walking around with happiness.

People turn and smile in your direction, wave, offer to help you. It feels like you’re wrapped in a gauzy glow of contentment, made all the more special because the innocence in her blue eyes will gradually ebb year by year as she becomes a woman, her little-ness is a rarity, only to be enjoyed for a little while.

When I walked around with Tracy’s wedding dress, on my way to set up and make her dress shot, people looked at me the same way. Girls cooed, old men smiled warmly, and mothers looked on with fond reflection of what was. A beautiful wedding dress like Tracy’s is a ethereal, fleeting thing, it’s a moment to be enjoyed that day, and then it’s over and a memory.

Tracy and Dave knew how to enjoy it though. I was caught up with how in the moment they were, how relaxed and ready to laugh and make each other laugh, and it came through and shone brightly on each shot.




Jennifer, Tracy’s best friend and Maid of Honor, was just too photogenic: