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I love Indian food. It’s just full of all these varied and complimentary flavors and rich and spicy, it’s like a punch in the face (in a good way).

I love making pictures like that too. I like ‘em with full bodied blacks and dark tones, with smooth and flavorful mid tones leading to a crisp finish of gleaming, singing highlights, with a generous presentation of vivid color, not unrealistic, but big and beautiful…. or something like that, maybe I’m just hungry right now.

Jessica and Sean had there wedding recently at a beautiful private estate in Odessa, just outside Tampa, and this place had color and texture bursting out of every corner, jumping out at you around every bend. So, yeah, it was fun photographing there.

Jessica and Sean were more than happy to follow me around this photographer’s playground to make some great images, from the dark and intimate, to the spontaneous and vivid.