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I always wanted to be a working photographer, but I never knew I’d be working so much, so soon. It feels like 2009 was all about watering and fertilizing, ’10 was when my photography roots started growing and reaching and twisting deeper and deeper, and this year has been when the leaves shoot out and the blossoms burst. It’s been all I can do to keep up.

It’s people like Sue and Terry that make it feel like play though, not work. They met me at the beach, all smiles and laughs, and we had honestly had one of the most fun afternoons working together. Sue even emailed me after I got home to tell me how much fun it was.

And it showed, they were a couple filled to the brim with giddiness and guffaws, and each time I moved them they spilled over with fresh laughter. They didn’t worry about what they were s’possed to do, they did the be-yourself thing, and they did it great, and I was able to make some great images with it.