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I bait and switched Cathy and Curtis. I did, but in a good way.

They booked me early last year and it feels like I’m not even the same photographer I was when they booked me. So much had changed about my work since then, the collections, the website, the blog, even my gear, is newer, better and more clearly a reflection of who I am as a photographer since they signed with Aaron way back when.

I’ve worked really hard (Casey would say too hard, haha) at developing my vision, my technique, my way of working with couples, my art. And I really felt like I was able to give Cathy and Curtis a wedding day gift of a better photographer than they first met.

It’s positively thrilling (I know, I sound like I’m being dramatic, but I really feel that way), to think that the next year will be more change, more work, more development and creation of new ideas.

I am so very much indebted to my brides who have looked, just like Cathy did, at this lanky guy with a pointy nose and a touch of a midwestern accent across the table and decided to trust me with photographing the most special day of their lives.

It gives me the time and opportunity to create, to give animation to the plethora of ideas I have falling out of my head all the time …and I get to call this my job.