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Just before their wedding, Emily gets a present, delivered by her maid of honor, Andrea, from Josh, her very soon to be husband.

His present to her (gonna be hard to imagine how he’ll ever top this one), was a journal he kept ‘to my future wife’. She never knew he was writing it. The first entry, June 2nd, 2009. Their first date? One month later.
I mean think about it! On June 2nd, 2009, Josh looked at this woman and said ‘this one’. ‘I’m going to marry this woman’. And he did. And so sure that he would woo her, he wrote to Emily all the while, unbeknownst he her, his thoughts, his feelings while they were dating, all kept for her, for Emily on their wedding day.
Kinda makes the Jim Gaffigan tickets I got for Casey on out anniversary seem… well, a little trite.
Emily and Josh’s wedding was a real honor to shoot because Josh’s mother, Andrea is a photographer herself, and not a bad one at that. She helped them find me. And when I met her at the rehearsal dinner (that the family generously invited Casey and I to), she was all smiling eyes and gratitude and pride and a bubble of giddiness.
Imagine that, a great family like theirs, wanting me to be apart of their pride and joy of days.
Makeup by MAC store, Naples
Hair by Jennifer Ludeman from Stilista Salon, Naples
Reception hosted and catered by the stunning Quail West Country Club
Video by the awesome Christina and James of InMotion Video Productions
The dance floor literally never cleared because of Scott and Tina Dean of A Sound Choice Entertainment
Flowers by Elaine Boucher