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Rachel was a binder bride.

When I first met her I could tell that she was before she even sat down to talk. It was the way she walked that gave it away. Like Mary Poppins, with direction and total lack of ambivalence, ever so vaguely British. She sat down and brought out her binder with dividers, tabs, markers, folders and sleeves all tucked neatly within.

I saw the binder again on her wedding day, laying on the table in her dressing room. All of her concerns and questions all tidily squared away as plans and solutions. It would not be opened on her wedding day, all of its work was already done. I wasn’t the only one who noticed how important the binder’s role was, Rachel’s bridesmaids teased her about it.

But all that planning and preparation had a payoff, Rachel was sublimely relaxed on her wedding day. She was completely in the moment, ready to enjoy her new husband, Chuck and everything else the day brought.

Who says Type A’s can’t have fun?

Hosted by that indefatigable perfectionist, Alan Skipper, at Isla Del Sol.

Hair and Makeup by Destiny and Light

Cake by Cakes with a Kick