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If you’re a girl (and in all likely hood if you read my blog, you are in fact a girl), you should never balk at playing wingman for your girlfriend when she wants to meet that guy across the way. Good things can happen.
They did for Lindsey. That’s how she meet Scott, an Astronaut-Mike-Dexter of a guy (been watching a lot of 30Rock lately, can you tell?). They went up to him, chatted, and as it turns out, he went after Lindsey instead. One thing leads to another and fast forward a couple years and here they are with me, trotting around downtown Tampa, making some very memorable engagement photos.
All because she didn’t mind flying as wingman.
Lindsey and Scott’s wedding is next year, and I honestly can’t wait, their chemistry was inexhaustible and undeniable. From the very first moment I met Lindsey and her mom, Nina, on our consult, she was bubbling over with brown eyed smiles and cool ideas. She’s a planner, she has great taste, and most importantly, she is very, very in love with Scott, and he with her. The photos will jump of the screen.