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So when I meet a couple, one of my jobs, even though they may not know it, is to find out what it is they are all about, to sort of get a read on them.

When I first met Amanda and Rob, only a little time passed before it was obvious that he is the calm and collected half,  with Amanda bringing the spark and the energy. So when the conversation meandered to their domestic life, finding out how Rob de-stresses Amanda was hilarious, but not altogether surprising.
Slow dancing.
    “I’ll come home and be all upset or stressed out about something”, laughed Amanda, “and he’ll stop what he’s doing, grab me, and start slow dancing. At first I think to myself ‘this is so stupid, why are you doing this’. But he doesn’t stop. Then gradually I’ll start to relent, and then it’s kinda like ‘hey this is actually kind of nice.’ “
Brilliant. That is one genius-fiancé.  A geioncé.