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“She was the girl with the frizzy hair and glasses and middle school” Scott laughed when I asked him about how he and Lindsey met  (I already knew Lindsey’s side of the story from chatting with them during their engagement session).  “we lost touch during high school, and then when I saw her again years later in college it was like, ‘oh man, she got hot!’”

Lindsey & Scott’s wedding was chock full of romantic little details that made their wedding day such a charming and relaxed expression of themselves.

I mean, the flower girls had dolls they carried around, that had identical dresses as the girls! Their was a candy bar to pick from, all the candy was in  complimentary colors.

‘Newspaper’ programs were handed out to the guests sitting in gilded chivari chairs under a heartbreakingly blue sky.

Guests picked their seating cards cut from a black and white poster sized print of Lindsey and Scott fixed to a color print beneath, then dined in casual, yet well adorned lawn tent just out side the gorgeous Powell Crosley Estate.

Afterward, they got up to dance beneath the stars and strung lights. And we were happy to provide the always-a-ton-of-fun MiniStudio.

Lindsey and Scott’s sendoff was no less amazing. They boarded a sailboat  surrounded by guests waving sparklers and waved goodbye. Someone even tossed Scott a captain’s hat. Awesome.

Hair & makeup by Lili’s Weddings
Ceremony & reception held at the always stunning Powel Crosley Estate 
Catering by Brent & Esther at Gordon’s Gourmet
Flowers, rentals & lighting set the romantic mood by Carl at Bee Ridge Florist
Ben Daniel of Grant Hemond kept the party going
Videographer David at Trinity Wedding Cinema
Cake by Gail at Thompson’s Cakes
Sailboat for Lindsey & Scott’s sendoff in style by Latitude Sailing Charters