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We arrived at The Westin Harbour Island in Tampa a few weeks back to begin photographing Nicole and Kevin’s wedding. We saw her stunning and so refreshing champagne wedding gown. I knew then that it would be a good day.

The rest of the day followed the same spirit of good taste, individuality, and the most sincere and genuine expressions between people you could ever ask for.

Kevin presented her with a gift of a bracelet modeled after his own handwriting which was just awesome. Later, after we finished pictures with just the two of them (always my favorites from any wedding day), Kevin said he had one more thing to do before heading in.

Following an old Southern tradition, they visited the ceremony site one month before the big day an buried a bottle of scotch upside down nearby. Digging it up on the wedding day brings good luck, according to the tradition, so Kevin did just that.

The entire day was so relaxed and easy. Both Kevin and Nicole had clearly put so much thought into each personal touch, but undoubtably their wedding planner Natalia Day with Days Remembered by ND, and their event coordinator there at the Westin Harbour Island Tampa, Delaynna Winters, were true assets in making the day a huge success.

Hosted at the Westin Harbour Island Tampa, Florida

Planned and Coordiated by Natalia Day.



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