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Corinne was beyond a beautiful bride.  She was stunning.  But when I think of Corinne a different image comes to mind: a cute, little toddler that spoke like an adult, sitting at the head of a dining table.

When Aaron told me we booked Corinne & Nathan’s wedding, (see their e-session here) I was thrilled. I had an idea of how shooting this wedding would feel. I love shooting weddings with Aaron because I get to have a glimpse into people’s lives on one of the most important days of their life. Their personalities and relationships with their family and friends really shine through during a big event like that.

Corinne comes from a big family. And our family’s go waaay back. I’ve been babysat by, played with, got in trouble with and yes, bathed with some of these people.  I even babysat a couple of her cousins.   Corinne’s family has great taste and an eye for design so I knew it would look great.  They all share a wonderfully wicked sense of humor, which is right up my alley.

Corinne & Nathan’s wedding met all my expectations.  There was a lot of good-looking family (on the bride & groom’s side), a lot of silliness & laughter, and a WHOLE lot of dancing.  A lot has changed over the years, and at the same time nothing has changed at all. See for yourself.



left to right: Corinne’s Aunt Della, her parents DeeDee & Kevin and my Dad, Charles


Wedding coordinated by Maribel Ruiz of the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Tampa, where both ceremony & reception were held

Flowers provided by Brides n Blooms

Bride’s flawless hair & make up by Rebekah & Kayla of Oceans Jewel Hair Boutique

Unbelievably yummy wedding cupcakes by Crystal Brewster of Cuppycakes

DJ Nick Williams kept everybody on the dance floor

Bride’s sister Courtney did all the flower arranging and helped set up the reception hall (seemed like she was everywhere all at once!)

Special thanks to ALL the friends & family members who really helped the Corinne & Nathan with their special day: Estevan, Candace, Rayna, Andrea, Teresa, Leah, Ronda, Melissa, Angie, also Captain & Tennille.