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Best of 2014

Thank you all for another amazing year.

It’s funny how my work has come to occupy this still-undefined place between art, entrepreneurship, and human connection. Just when I think I’ve finally decided what my images really mean for me and the role of my work, photography picks me up, rubix-cubes my perspective, and puts me back down.

I have given up trying to predict where this will take me. The only firm footing I have, the only thing cemented in my consciousness, is the thrill making of a great image. It feels like carving a wave. It feels like cooking in a crowded kitchen. It feels like playing a piano on the street to passers-by. A photographer and subject have this binary star relationship. Both are moving within and without. There can never be anything still or stationary in this art form. Even for the art form itself.

I think this is what is so inexorably magnetic about photography for me, it’s constant movement. Simultaneously thrilling and exhausting, cerebral and intuitive, very public and deeply personal, it resembles life itself in miniature. And, like life, it defies crystalized definition or encapsulation.

For everything this craft has done for me, I am deeply grateful. It has sharpened my vision, deepened my insight, and it will always be a ton of fun. It has become this dynamic amalgam; an undefined moving nexus between art, self exploration, and servitude.

I know I am supposed to talk about what 2015 has in store and how wonderful it will be. If the past is any indicator, wonderful it will be for sure. But as for what it has in store, I have no idea. But I am heart-bound to this path. I couldn’t resist it even if I wanted to. It’s there every day when I wake up. Sometimes it’s so exhaustingly relentless that it hurts. Sometimes it makes me so giddy I’m bursting at the seams. I no longer have a say in the matter. It’s what moves me.