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Ali (or Pam)

Ali is the kid sister of Shanna, a friend of mine, and so Shanna has me do her senior portraits. I’d hung out with Ali a few times before with Shanna and her husband Pete, and I was mesmerized by how she totally reminds me of Pam, from The Office. The way she walks, the way she laughs, even the jokes she made, totally unassuming, confidence sans any hubris at all, mild without a trace of boring, with a wit that’s incisive but relaxed. You know, Pam, I mean Ali.

So it was really fun to get to know Ali a bit, then show her personality off with a collection of pictures. Being a photographer has everything to do with making people feel content and happy to be who they are, and relaxed enough to let me see it. And if you know how to use a camera, well that’s good too.