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Agnes and Anthony

We live, right now, in a golden age for visual art.

Artist ego, peace, and spendy churches made for great conditions to grow masterpieces like Bernini’s Persephone and Hades and Michelangelo’s Last Judgement way back when during the renaissance.

A few years later, mass media, youth, and irreverent talent spawned a musical golden age with the Beatles and Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

We live, right now, in a time when more photos are taken and looked at than any other in history. Cameras now give anybody the opportunity to make whatever kind of image they want, and as many as they want.

That means, unfortunately, and inevitably, that there are tons of completely disastrous pictures being taken and shown. But I prefer to look on the bright side. It also means that more and more regular people are starting to know what a good photo should look like, just because they’re exposed to so many images every day.

This tsunami of pictures that rolls over us everywhere, all the time is gradually making us a discerning and visually aware culture. That’s really exciting, regular people have photo art as diverse as Anne Leibowitz and Ansel Adams, David LaChappelle and National Geographic, as a part of their visual common vernacular.

Mark Nielsen helped me out at Agnes and Anthony’s wedding, we were both struck by the dancer-like way Agnes used her body; concise and feminine. It influenced how each picture was taken after that first impression. The whole collection ended up reflecting Anthony and Agnes’s personalities, effusive, intense, and warm.